Business Protection

Thomas Nicholas financial Services understand that running a Business always involves an element of uncertainty. Premises can be rebuilt, plant or products replaced but the recovery of a person is not nearly as certain. Business Protection helps protect your business from the financial losses incurred if a key person or owner of a business should die or be diagnosed with a terminal or critical illness.

We offer advice on a full range of protection products for business owners in Melton Mowbray, Loughborough and Nottingham, including: Key Person – Profit Protection policy proceeds are paid directly to the business to be used to help replace a Key Person and help cover the loss of profits that may occur.

Key Person – Loan Protection policy proceeds are used to help pay off any loans your business may have. These will include Bank Loans or Director Loan Accounts which need to be repaid upon death.

Share – Ownership Protection policy proceeds are used to help buy the share of the business if an owner is diagnosed with a critical illness or dies. Thomas Nicholas Financial Services can ensure you have the right cover at a competitive price. We make no charge for the advice we offer and we will be her to support the needs of both you and your business in the future.